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Garden Path

I thought it would take just a couple of days to get the path finished once I had done the initial tricky part of going round the corner… but here we still are and still a long way to go.   I finished off on Sunday with a small section after the corner which turned out to be more tricky than I thought.    I had decided that I would be pulling up the paving slabs and putting the wood down on the concrete under the slabs but this would had meant the path benig a lot higher than the lawn which would then not keep the stones in too well.
Garden Path

I really did not want to try to dig up the concrete underneath as I thought it would be pretty thick and also take ages to get rid of.  As it happens, I had little choice as I made my first hits with the pick axe to break off bits of stuck concrete and accidently went through it.  It turned out not to be thick after all and in fact took just minutes to pull up the whole path.  Two trips to the dump later and it was all cleared.

Garden Path Garden Path

The next tricky part was to make the path slop downwards from the corner to the now lower part by the lawn, plus to dig into the bank in order to move the path over slightly.  All this digging, levelling, slopping, and still going round a slight corner still meant progress was slow.  But now we are round corners, sorted out slops…. all that is needed is to remain going in a straight line with the only obsticle being having to dig into the bank.

Garden Path

Meanwhile, another load of pebbles got delivered and I’ve told our Freecycle friend that we probably have more an enough now.   T&J are sorted some into piles of larger pebbles which we can use for the top layer.  The rest is being washed and then dumped inbetween the gaps.  A long and wet process, I think to get the top layers covers in the large cleaned pebbles may take some time.

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