18th June 2019

18th June

Our first lot of potatoes and constant supply of strawberries and broad beans. I won’t forget our first lot of small turnips too, just need to learn to like them. Another new item, raspberries; I’m not sure how much was harvest and how much was eaten straight off the bush. Likewise, salad leafs but I picked a lot lot more to stop the plants going to seed but put in the compost – maybe less plants next year.

We had a bit of a beetle problem, eating everything and so I bought some bug spray.

B/F £23.87

Strawberries – 748g£3.18
Potatoes (Charlotte) – 1.2kg£1.32
Broad Beans – 1.8kg£3.23
Salad Leafs – 48g£0.80
Rhubarb – 172g£0.73
Raspberries – 119g£2.38
Turnips – 217g£0.52
Bug Spray£5.85
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £30.84

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