19th November 2019

19th November 2019

Money wise there is a big drop suddenly in November, but it is more because the food harvested is of low value. A bit unfair as they might be low value but root vegetables are the real honest crop that make up robust autumn meals.

Speaking of which, our last turnip (not sure why I just left one in the ground last week). Last year we didn’t really get on with them, and while this year we haven’t encouraged them, I think we have grown to like them and used them up quite quickly in meals. We have moved onto celeriac instead. Once we have a frost, we will move onto parsnips.

We pulled our first leek, they have suffered by all the wet weather so I thought we would put some of our their misery and eat them.

I wanted to clear the garlic bed of all left over beetroots before the garlic really got going. This resulted in a bunch of small beets including one coloured one which never really did much this year. All beetroot has been sown in pots and transplanted and I think the coloured ones didn’t like it.

B/F £238.34

Leeks – 110g£0.24
Turnip – 152g£0.43
Carrot – 265g£0.19
Coloured Carrots – 66g£0.88
Beetroot – 169g£0.56
Celeriac – 321g£0.51
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £241.15

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