Weekly Harvest 25th June

25th June

The week of the strawberries, nearly 1kg of them and a lot of them didn’t make it home, I’m sure this must be the peak. The first lot of beetroot and gooseberries while over wintered broad beans are still giving (must surely be the last week).

The big event was pulling garlic which turned out to not be the best harvest. Having suffered from rust on the leaves for most of the time, the gloves are all pretty small. However, all is usable and will keep us going for a long time.

All the chili plants are giving loads, with the recent hot weather we are seeing red chilies on the plants.

Potatoes give just under 1kg per plant at the moment, I plant to dig up a whole row for storage next time. That meant I spent money on potato bags.

B/F £30.84

Strawberries – 1.38kg£6.92
Potatoes (Charlotte) – 1.71kg£2.18
Broad Beans – 478g£2.05
Salad Leaves – 20g£0.33
Rhubarb – 142g£0.89
Raspberries – 75g£1.00
Turnips – 88g£0.21
Gooseberry – 66g£0.44
Beetroot – 167g£0.56
Radish – 2g£0.16
Potato bags£12.00
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £40.23

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