Weekly Harvest 1st December 2020

1st December 2020

A quiet week, for no real reason apart from… well no real reason at all. We took a bit of kale from the garden and while on the plot there were lots of little broccoli florets so cut those and had with tea.

No photos apart from the strawberries which have decided to fruit in the middle of winter (when they failed to fruit at all during the summer) and we are still getting raspberries, but I tend to eat them while at the plot.

Waiting to be harvested are:

  • fennel
  • turnips
  • sprouts
  • spinach

I can see us digging up our first parsnips over the coming week.

2020 B/F £295.50

kale – 22g£0.20
broccoli – 40g£0.07
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £295.77

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