Weekly Harvest 28th July 20

28th July 2020

2020 B/F £142.54

Chilies – 30g£0.51
French Beans – 91g£0.61
Lettuce – 50g£0.12
Beetroot – 325g£1.09
Raspberry – 50g£0.67
Tomato – 23g£0.20
Blackberry – 500g£10.00
Courgette – 311g£0.67
Ridge Cucumber – 1£1.39
Runner Bean – 81g£0.49
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £158.29

The most exciting thing this week has been the blackberries which we are not growing on the plot but there are bushes by the entrance of the plot and there are lots of them (maybe more this year due to lack of maintenance by the council of the site). These went very well with some apples, not plot ones just yet unfortunately. We did pick some more raspberries though.

Some first harvests for the year includes chilies and runner beans. The chilies get forgotten about a bit, some indoors and some outside in the ground. We started them late this year and so I’m not surprised it has taken a while. The runner beans have never done great on the plot and so has been interested how their cope in the garden. Very well it seems, shaded from the wind.

Courgettes keep growing but we are keeping up. Cucumbers are slow but hopefully about to really get going when it is warm and sunny again. Beans and beetroot are what we are mainly living on.

One last thing was spotting a tomato that had fallen off the plant in the garden, a couple of days on the window sill and it was a nice red colour. I’m not expecting to pick tomatoes for some weeks, so this was a nice find.

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