Weekly Harvest 12th Jan 21

12th January 2021

Another bite size swede which once again was just the right size for a meal for two without any waste – nice. It wasn’t really bite size, there were a number of bites you could take and once again I prefer this than having it half used and going manky in the fridge during the week.

The celeriac started last year with so much promise following a bit of a trial for a plant we have never grown nor eaten, we got to like it. I decided to grow them for real the second time round and everything was going fine until we had a really really hot week just as I planted them out – only three plants survived with the others frazzled in the sun. If I had only left it a week, the super hot weather (where high twenty centigrade at night seemed cool!) came to an end. I planted carrots to replace this loss (which actually did quite well) and kept the survivors growing. It was too late though, they never gained over the young carrots as they grew up around them, they never had the water they needed. I pulled what we there and all three were eaten in one meal, not quite the size and weight I was hoping for but nice and not wasted all the same.

Leeks remain, sulking, in the ground. We did’t pull our last lot of leaks until the end of March last year, so I’ll leave them for it to get a bit warmer and lighter, they might start to bounce back a bit.

2021 B/F £4.07

swede – 305g£0.15
celeriac – 162g£0.19
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £4.41

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