Weekly Harvest 13th Oct 21

13th October 2021

I’ve started to pull the carrots, it will soon be too wet and damp for them to stay in the ground without bugs and things eating them. Within a couple of weeks they will all be pulled up and mostly cut up and frozen. I needed to thin them out more next year, I thought I had thinned them out quite well and yet I didn’t.

We have a number of baby boo squashes in the garden and one at the plot, I picked the one at the plot. I couldn’t really find a grocery shop (online) that sold them, so I have treated them as small pumpkins, which is what they are really. We have yet to try eating one…

We continue to pull beetroot from the garden and have started on the kale at the plot. The rainbow chard needs cutting each week, way too much for us to eat so a lot of it goes straight on the compost. A bit of a waste, I’ll have to find other ways to eat it.

2021 B/F £330.37

beetroot – 325g£1.17
chard – 150g£0.47
chillies – 7g£0.11
carrots – 835g£0.63
baby boo squash – 144g£0.29
kale – 24g£0.21
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £333.25

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