Weekly Harvest 19th Jan 21

19th January 2021

Less of a harvest and more of a spending session online. I had no multi-purpose compost and didn’t want to be left without any at all should it be that restrictions on which shops can stay open get tougher. I ordered online 250 litres which should be more than enough and will allow me to put a layer on the bed in the garden too.

While I was online and was preparing for armageddon, I thought I’d arm myself with seed potatoes and onion sets. For potatoes we shall be mostly growing Charlotte and Maris Piper which we have had good results from before and are nice potatoes too. The Maris Piper I will do a mix of second early and main. Onion sets were Stuttgarter which have done well before. As a “core crop”, we have 70 of them which I am sure they will all be used.

Shopping online has made it a bit more expensive, normally I would go to Wilkos but reports of “zombies down aisle two” thought I would not venture into town. While ebay was a good place for onions, the best for price on potatoes seemed to be Parkers. I have high hopes for potatoes then, they will be planted at the plot with left overs in the garden, just like last year.

2021 B/F £4.41

seed potatoes£12.97
seeds – onion sets£7.50
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL -£33.04

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