Weekly Harvest 20th July 21

20th July 2021

Another one of the “big four” harvests, this time potatoes. Only one row at the moment because we dug up so many we wouldn’t be able to get any more home. An amazing 10kg which equals our whole potato harvest from last year. This row was maris piper whereas the next one is charlotte and so the weight will probably be less when it comes to it.

We picked the blackcurrants and the remainder of the redcurrants that we missed last week. Each visit I picked courgettes, and I expect there will millions next time too.

2021 B/F £103.73

gooseberry – 130g£0.87
rhubarb – 1.4kg£9.20
peas – 150g£0.57
spring onions – 194g£1.55
blackcurrant – 910g£11.20
strawberry – 25g£0.16
chilies – 31g£0.47
beetroot – 81g£0.29
raspberry – 150g£2.50
courgette – 1.189kg£2.54
redcurrant – 334g£5.01
potato – 10.42kg£20.90
cherries – 540g£5.04
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £164.03

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