Weekly Harvest 30th Sept 23

30th September 2023

The last of the tomatoes, another good 1kg+ and that’s it all done for the year. The tomatoes in the garden did much better than the ones on the plot which seems to always be the case. They are much more protected from the wind and weather in the garden than the plot. While pulling up the tomatoes I also got rid of the french bean plants which had just had a bit of a second life from the hot weather we had earlier in September.


2023 B/F £246.02

courgette – 951g£2.85
carrots – 393g£0.24
tomato – 1.52kg£13.51
chillies – 2g£0.03
cucumber – 1£1.50
beetroot – 165g£0.66
kale – 20g£0.18
french beans – 105g£0.58
raspberries – 20g£0.25
RUNNING 2023 TOTAL £264.32

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