French beans and parsnips

In the garden, a warm sunny morning has followed a number of rainy (but not cold) days has meant most of the potatoes appearing. I banked these up, using some of the grass clippings as mulch and neatened up the rows. I also tidied up the onions too while I inspected the progress of other plants.

French beans I sowed only the other week undercover and now they were ready to plant out. We didn’t do that well with them last year, I think maybe a mixture of a hot sun all day at the allotment while we were not able to go up to water as often as we had liked. This means all beans are being grown in the garden this year. Growing in loo rolls meant I just made a series of holes and popped the plants in, covering a bit with some spent tomato compost from last year.

The parsnips sowed in look rolls undercover were all very tiny but with their long roots were ready to plant out. I didn’t have too much room as I only sowed some undercover as I thought the direct sown ones would come to nothing. As it happens, most have germinated outside, and so I made a row inbetween those and the carrots (of which I spotted one or two starting to appear).

Other things from today:

  • repotted chilies into bigger pots (way behind but will catch up)
  • repotted letuce seedlings form the tray into pots
  • repotted butternut squash which has suddenly germinated after months
  • noted cucumber and cucamelon seedlings appearing, again after months of nothing
  • repotted celeriac
  • sowed fennel undercover
  • sowed winter cabbage undercover
  • sowed runner beans

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