Back to the Plot – for now

Let us not get over excited, all the talk by the media of relaxing lock down (have they told the government this?) and hearing we are “over the peak” is indeed good to hear, but I don’t suppose viruses watch the news. I did decide to go back to the plot and carry on where I left off over a month ago, not because there is any less risk, probably more because I’m used to the “new world” (which I am sure is only just starting). I did make sure I was at the plot at 7am, but that’s normal, I’ve always liked the idea of social separation and not having to talk to people, people thought I was strange but who are the strange people now?!

Over a month ago, we quickly planted onions and potatoes before grabbing what we could to carry on at home. A great sense of the unknown. This morning I hacked a path through to the overgrown plot (possibly not as dramatic as that) to find a slightly weedy and unloved plot. Things had grown, gooseberries, blackcurrants, raspberries had all been bare were now all green. The onions and potatoes both looking well established. The poor broad beans battered by the recent heavy rain and laying on the ground.

It did take a number of hours to weed most of the plot, some beds really well, others just a quick go with the hoe. I wanted to sow some parsnips on the plot seeing I have been having success so far at home. Just like the onions and potatoes before, it seemed like something that would look after itself for many weeks or months. I sowed four rows, because you can’t have enough parsnips.

The broad beans had some pods worth picking but had been rather damaged by the wind and rain we have had over the last month, some of it really hard. The plants were still quite small last time I saw them, now they were massive with plenty of flowers. I tied them all up.

The currant bushes were starting to look good but I didn’t have time to net them this time. I did however adjust the netting we have put over the gooseberries last time.

By mid morning, the site had filled up and the field behind was crowded with people exercising, and I remembered why I had kept away. I had also been there for four hours and so it was probably time to go home.

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