Garden taking shape

I’ve done as much as I can with edging the plot in the garden, half is done but the other half will have to wait until the plants that are in the way are used up and out of the way. This includes the parsnips which are right where a large piece of edging wood needs to go through, that won’t happen until January or February!

In the meantime, the edges that have been completed look good. The edging has been laid flat and it shows how much of a hill the garden is on even though it looks flat. One side the wood is just about level with the ground whereas the other side I’ve just about got away without having to bank it up. We have been collecting free rotted down horse manure from a field nearby to fill some of the big holes to bring it up to the new level.

Keeping with “free” (the best cost), I wanted to put some shingle down the side of the edging where most of the wood is below the level of the ground. A quick look on Facebook Marketplace and a house nearby was wanting someone to take away old slate chippings off their garden. I collected a couple of bag’s worth and it looks quite tidy where I have put it.

One of the plants we are waiting to finish is the cucumber which will probably be gone within a month. In the meantime, it keeps spreading out and I keep spotting small cucumbers appearing all over the place.

Seeds sown are spring cabbage and over winter onions. Having never grown onions from seed before I’m not sure what to expect from these, I’ll buy some sets too to be on the safe side.

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