Work continues at home

Back in September I worked on the bed at home and edging with ‘railway sleepers’, looking back at the video it shows I continued until it got quite dark. I knew at the time that there would not be opportunity to continue until March time, and today it is nearly March!

With forecast of cold but sunny, and with no rain for the last week, I decided to put another edge on the bed which now leaves just the last edge to do (which will require cutting) until it is all done. I have been slightly worried that one side of the bed looks higher than the other but I had to remind myself that it is on a hill and while one side the sleepers are sitting on top of the ground, the other side they are only just above the ground. Once I had laid this latest sleeper I was able to bridge the gap with a bit of wood and measure with a level, and it was indeed… level.

It is so much easier and quicker doing this when there are no plants in the ground. With the soil dug out I was able to add it to the bed which has helped fill it a but more. It was very much clay and so I will mix in a lot of compost over the coming weeks.

I’ve cut the end of slightly to give us a bit more room around the table.

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