Repotting & Sun on the Plot

Now that both the currants and the gooseberries are in the same area on the plot (and hopefully the gooseberries will spring into live at some point to show me I haven’t killed them by moving them), and seeing as it was good weather, and seeing as the wood stored in the shed keeps falling over….. I decided to start taking some of it up to the plot and plan out the fruit cage that I will build.

It was a pity I didn’t bring more of it with me and some tools too as for the first time for the year it was actually quite pleasant weather wise at the plot and the first time I would had fancied hanging on a bit and drinking coffee. As it was, I positioned the wood, checked on things growing, and came home. An inspection of the frosted broad beans showed me that I think most of them will be ok with possible just two or three plants that will not recover. I was going to sow a whole load more but instead I’ll sow just three or four and use them to fill the gaps.

I did just that when I got home, four broad bean seeds in toilet tubes and places outside undercover. By the time they are ready for planting out I will be able to see which ones already in the ground are not going to make it.

At the same time as planting the beans I re-potted the chilies out from the seed tray and into their own small pots. They will be re-potted once again when they get bigger, I’m not quite sure where we are going to put them all and so will probably put some outside during the summer.

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