Frost and Poo

A day off work and the first frost of the winter. I don’t think we have had frost in December for a number of years and so it is nice to see it back. Not so nice was working in the garden in the early morning when the computer suggested it would “feel like -5c”. To start with it did, but I soon warmed up. I have been meaning to put a top layer of compost on the second bed in the garden for weeks and so I finally did it. I pulled up the remaining beetroot and got rid of the old bits of pumpkin plants. The soil level had sunk quite a bit and so the three bags of mushroom compost I had did not cover the whole bed, I think I need just one more to finish it all.

The other bed is already covered in netting (to stop the cats) and has over wintering onions growing. I also covered this bed with netting to stop the cats too.

We have spinach and a small plant of chard still growing.

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