Peas in the Garden

I was just going out in the garden to sow some runner and french bean seeds, but to do that I needed to make room on the ‘growing shelf’. I thought that the peas looked like it was time they were planted out, and so I did just that. Just about two rows of peas, I ended the second row with some pea seed, they will just be a bit behind the others. I nearly put up two rows of pea netting but in the end I made a little triangle shape over the two rows, although I failed to put the seedlings on the outside of the netting just thinking about it. I’ll sort that out during the week before they start climbing too much. No point having peas but not being able to get to them.

While the rest of the netting was off I was able to see radish very much coming along, and some small beetroot. Yet to see carrots or parsnips. I earthed up the row of potatoes.

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