Poo in the Garden

Most weekends so far this year have been wet and miserable, not much going on in the garden or the plot apart from digging veg to eat, even doing that mostly ended up in a mud bath. I had a thought, the horse manure I collected just before Christmas could probably do with putting on the beds if it was going to break down in time for planting, it’s nearly mid February all of a sudden.

Fortunately when I woke up, it wasn’t wet and it wasn’t that cold, just a plain cloudy day. I took all the netting of the beds (put there to stop the cat using it as a giant litter tray) and the soil demonstrated just how little sun it has had since October. Although it had been dug over, it was now wet and green’ish, looking like old clay ready for making some pots. Not all of it was like this, areas that I had used horse manure to fill it up last year was a lot more workable. Those areas had also sunk down quite a bit and so I replenished them with the new manure. Other parts had more of a thin layer which I lightly dug in.

I also emptied out a bag of B&Q compost left over from last year for growing seeds in. I put this around the leeks and the onions currently growing.

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