Looking after the Purple Sprouting

Sown months and months ago, these take a very long time to mature and give something to harvest. I have a feeling that we are normally harvesting at the same time as sowing for the next year. They have looked after themselves for most of the time with just having them covered in netting to stop the birds. Even in their cramped condition under the netting, they have just got on and grown. Today I staked them up (should had done that before Christmas) and taken off the lower leaves which will let in the light and air. While I was doing this I found a bit of sprouting already starting, give it maybe another couple of weeks and it will be ready to cut off. Normally this would not be until April time, it will be nice to cut this off earlier than normal.

I dug up the remaining swede, there was not a lot left. I lightly dug over the bed they came from and took out any of the larger weeds. I hoed around other areas and tied up the broad bean plants. They are very slow this year but have now got to a state where they could do with support to help them against the wind.

The sprout plants have mostly finished although was able to pick another bag full off of them. The leeks look like they are springing back into action, starting to stand up straight and grow a bit more.

Pleased to see one of the four chili plants that I over wintered has started to come back to life. With such a low rate of success I doubt I’ll try it again, but happy to see this one all the same. I sowed this year’s chili seeds last week, I’ve yet to see any germination.

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