The garden waking up

A boggy wet mess is mostly how our garden can be described for six months of the year, one day it might live in a house that doesn’t have a north facing garden. The over wintered onions have battled on and I’m confident that we will get a good harvest from them, but they have a long way yet to go. I will interplant these with radish over the next week or so.

I pulled the netting off (there to keep cats off) and hoed the soil a bit to break it up from a boggy mess. Everything looks so empty at the moment but it will soon fill out, and with one bed for mostly onions it will all fill out rather fast.

I cut the grass for the first time of the year and I cleaned the decking. Maybe one of the best things we did was to replace the wooden decking with composite. Not only has this prevented it from being green slimly mess too slippery to step on during the winter, it takes no time at all to clean.

There is lots to do in the garden this year and we need to make a start. The paving down the side of the house that we finished off in December (mostly) made a great difference and we need to complete it now into the garden and beyond. The grass is impractical (as much as I like it) and so it won’t feature as much as it does now.

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