Tidying up, taking down the PoppaDomes

They served us well this year, I never knew they even existed until we got them. I was all ready to buy some more to cover the other bed and keep the cat off, but then the cat died and the need was longer there (I’m hoping the other cat, fat and lazy, has no interest in the beds.

Saying that, even without the cat, they do still look good and keep things looking neat, so we might still use them a bit next year. They remind me of the film “Silent Running“, just need to dress the children up as Dewey, Huey, and Louie. For now, they have been dismantled and stored away in the dry, I didn’t think keeping them up throughout winter would do them much good.

I also tidied the beds, removed all the old squash plants and tidied up the remaining beetroot. Some say beetroot gets a bit woody if you leave them in the ground for too long, but this time of the year they are nice roasted. I pulled up some of the more dodgy looking ones, leaving some still good looking ones

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