A sunny day – prepping a bed

I had a midweek day off work and it turned out to be quite sunny and warm, I ended up spending all morning. My main task was to complete spreading the manure over one of the beds. As this was very fresh I buried it under a cover of soil, so quite a bit of digging but because this is what I have available then that’s what I needed to do. Some of the bags of manure did end up on the compost, so come next year it will be quite good. I’ll probably do the same one the other beds, while those beds still with plants in I’ll spread over our home made compost.

As it was a nice morning I spent time drinking coffee and reading a book, while I lit a fire to burn some of the year’s rubbish. I generally pottered about and in the end I decided to use my new hand tool saw that I got for my birthday and climbed up the trees to cut some overhanging branches. The new saw got through some quite large branches in no time, much better than my years old blunt wood saw. It was so quick that I ended up cutting up some of the cut branches into logs and added them to the fire, while piling others up in a pile for later on.

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