Planting out onions

It may had been super windy up at the plot but in the garden we were sheltered from all that and just had the blue sky and sun instead. Give it a couple of weeks and we will be getting more of the sun as it gets higher, but for now we get it for most of the morning. I planted out the onion seed I sowed indoors back in January and planted out the lettuce that had also been indoors. The module trays I got from Container Wise were expensive (compare to Wilkos!) but so far I have been very impressed with their quality and today, with the ease of getting the plant out of the module. Unlike the cheap Wilkos trays, I can see these will last me a lifetime instead of just a year. With the hole in the bottom I just push them out and plant them, taking no time at all.

While doing this I noticed some of the radish sown last week are starting to come up, these are just markers for the carrot seed sown.

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