Sunny day in the garden

A bank holiday weekend started off sunny and I had a long list of plants that needed planting out. The garden has been looking a bit overgrown with long grass, but quickly mowing it transformed it straight away. I have been pleased with the plant modules I bought (at great expense) earlier on in the year, they are rigid and have a hole in the bottom which makes it easy to push them out to plant. I made a dibber out of some of the eucalyptus offcuts from the other week, made the holes and popped in all the pea plants in no time.

I also planted out leeks and spring onions, they got a bit mixed up and so I’m not sure which is which. Only time will tell.

In the garden we currently have growing:

  • radish
  • carrots
  • beetroot
  • lettuce

I have been spraying, once a week, some of the young plants with Grazers G2 slug protection. It doesn’t kill slugs (a pity) but instead coats the plants with a taste that slugs don’t like. Hopefully humans to, they suggest it is harmless and tasteless to humans, although at this small size the plants are not ready to be eaten anyway.

We have a squirrel problem in the garden, they keep digging holes everywhere and don’t know what is more annoying, them or cats. At least squirrels are looking for long lost nuts they think they buried months ago, while cats just like to be annoying. I used some black netting left over from the plot and stapled the edges to bits of wood as an anchor. This netting is less visible than the finer green scaffold netting and so looks a not nicer. Time will tell if it stops the squirrals.

UPDATE – the next day and the squirrels had dug around the peas a bit but the netting had kept them off. They seem to keep digging in the same spot so I’ll have a go at cover those bits.

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