Finished diggin bed 4

Finished digging bed 4. Forked over bed 2 with the idea of maybe putting a polythene tunnel over this bed, although the West-East direction of this bed means it is not ideal. I will dig another bed the same as bed2, but this time I will position it North-South. I can then see which bed does better.

Got a blueberry bush! But started to rain and so this sits in the garden at the moment and according to the weather I think it will be in the garden for some time.

We ordered nearly £50 of seeds and these have turned up. I am hoping this will be the most expense for at least the next 12 months, if not for ever if we are able to save seeds etc… In with this order was a paper pot maker, allowing you to make pots using just strips of paper, great way of recycling and avoiding the cost of lots of pots. I have made a large wooden tray to hold any pots that we make, quite a size, using old wood laying about.

We planed about 10 tomato seeds which we will continue to grow indoors. Although laid out the seed potatoes, we ordered a mixture of seeds and have a truck load of potatoes it seems!


starting to look like an allotment


first sowing, in homemade paper pots
maybe a poly tunnel?

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