First time on the allotment this year

First time on the allotment this year. I have started to save my paper at home, I am now saving newspapers and taking them down to be recycled, but I am now also saving normal paper. I read somewhere that if make the compost and stick in layers of paper then this is good, and so I bought myself a hand powered paper shredder to shred anything paper that is not a newspaper, put this in a plastic box by the bin and recon to take it to the allotment once a week to empty on the compost. It is also good for the worms in the worm composting and have added some to there, hopefully to keep them a bit warmer and hopefully they will eat it. Checking today, they have not eaten much for months.

Started digging a fourth bed, but got halfway and then I started thinking about how to go about preparing to grow something under cover. I have a number of old windows available and also some bendy plastic poles which I could bend over, cover in polythene and have a small tunnel. So I stopped digging and thought that such an area should be where there will be most sun while the sun is quite low at the moment, which meant at the other end of the plot, the end that not much has happened. I found quite a large piece of glass and thought I would try setting up a small bed covered with this glass, mainly to see how long the glass would last until it got smashed by someone. The construction will consist of the piece of glass with one end supported by two poles 30-odd cm high, and the other end on the ground slightly buried – giving a triangle setup.

I dug the bed and made a small bank to place the glass on, after a small while fog came down and within 5 mins you could not see very far and this also made the earth stick to everything, it may as well be raining. I called it a day as most of the earth being dug was sticking to the spade or to me.

A non productive day, nothing really done but lots of effort spent!

cold and misty


a new bed is born…

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