A small bit of rain

We nearly got through July without a spot of rain, parts of the country seemed to have been flooded by truck loads of rain (if indeed you can measure rain water by the size of a truck).  For us, we got a small bit which meant when I got to the plot this morning there was nothing much to show for the rain over night, digging a bit confirmed this by everything being dry.  The ‘end of the world heat wave’ might be over, temperatures are a lot lower and it is certainly windy.  It is forecast more wind and rain tomorrow.

I’m quite glad the temperatures are down a bit as it has allowed me to sow some last lot of beetroot and do another row of turnips.   During the week I have been forking over the old potato and onion bed, spent all that time picking stones out as I see them which means I have built up quite a pile of stones on the side as I throw them over.   I mixed in a bag of mushroom compost and put down some ant powder.  Racked it all over and gave it all a water before sowing seeds.

Items this week in quick list format:

  • sowed half a row of multi-coloured beetroot  (eat our first lot of white beetroot, a strange look but a familiar taste)
  • picked beetroot, french and broad beans
  • broad beans are mostly finished, I cut some down that were clearly finished
  • hoed and watered
  • sowed a row of turnips
  • sowed more rocket and salad leaves – too hot maybe for the last sowing, nothing came up.  This time I’ve tried to shade it a bit by adding the green netting.
  • picking tomatoes each day for lunch
  • sweet peppers, indoors, all plants apart from one have small peppers
  • tidied the strawberries, a couple of runners I had planted in last week have taken and so I have removed the runner bits.   I want to get two more and then I an remove all runners and they can concentrate on themselves for a bit
  • inspected kale plants, squashed any egg looking things and gave each a shake to highlight any caterpillars.  Something is still eating them.



Am rather pleased with this, first time of growing


strawberries tidied up a bit – sprouts starting to run out of space under the netting


Kale is surviving but there is something still eating away at it


Salad and rocket sowed under the netting put there to shade it from the sun a small bit


many rows of leeks. lost some of the smaller ones due to the hot weather


new bed ready…


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