Spotted: Calabrese

Just a quick visit this morning to get in some early morning watering, although ‘quick’ is an interesting word as it can mean many different things.  In the end, I watered, but I also:

  • forked over some of the ground where the onions had been
  • turned the onions still drying, hoping for no rain for at least another week
  • weeded and hoed (constant)
  • checked the leeks, lost one or two due to the hot sun but most have all taken
  • took a look at the kale and pulled off caterpillars – a same I left them out pots in the open for too long before I planted them out under netting

I spotted a ‘broccoli’ on the calabrese (when is a broccoli not a broccoli, quite a lot of the time it seems according to books that use the term generically).    Exciting times, they all look like healthy plants and it will be a first time of growing.  Likewise with the sprouts, they look like they are doing well, still lots of time to go through.

At home I spotted the first tomato starting to turn orange.  We have millions of green tomatoes and so it is nice to see them starting to ripen.    Red peppers on the window sills are doubling in size every time you look at them, around six at the moment (just one plant with nothing on yet).

onions still drying


hard to see through the netting, kale is having a bad time



first sign of calabrese coming to something


most leeks have settled in


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