Evening watering and gooseberry spotting

An evening trip with Tom to check the state of the wigwams and to do some watering.   Since putting the bean poles up it has been super windy and a bit cold which means I was surprised to find them both standing up.    Plants in the garden had suffered from wind damage and so I expected to see the same in the newly planted courgette and bean plants on the plot, but again nothing to note.    It’s a bit of a different climate up on the hill at the allotment, safe behind the trees from the wind and warm sun all of the day.

Tom did some hoeing and fetched water, I generally pottered about.   Broad beans have flowers, so do strawberries.  I noticed something had been eating the turnips.  The big excitement was finding small gooseberries on the bushes, I had not seen any of these flower so I was surprised to see any fruit.

Wednesday evenings will become our evening visiting time from now on with myself and Tom.  Hopefully the evening weather will improve.



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