Last bit of digging

While the country is under metres and metres of snow, in the south we are just about coping with a light sprinkling during the week which has since all gone.    A forecast of mostly rain all weekend meant I wasn’t planning to go to the allotment for anything, but when I woke up it was blue sky and sunny.  I didn’t want to spend all day but I knew there was just one last small bit of digging left and so decided to get it done.

The plastic covering had done a good job as I pulled it back to uncover the last bit of digging.  The soil was cold but not freezing (unlike the uncovered bits), it was dry, and it was easy to dig.  It took no time at all to finish it off and rake it over.   Digging is now all done and ready for 2018.

I used a bit of time to start tidying up some of the rubbish that we had piled up at the beginning.  A load of black weed suppressing material that has circles cut out of it for a previous year’s strawberry plants.  Bits of wood and old plastic bags that I used as paths.   It has uncovered a couple more raised beds and I am not too sure what we will put in those.

Just about to leave and the old boy in the plot next to ours arrived and we had a chat.  The plots are so small that when there are other people about it feels like you are all on the same plot, a bit annoying but he is very friendly and seems to like a chat.  Go to the plot very first thing in the morning a the weekend and there is not a single other person about, my alarm is set early for weekends….


All 10 garlic plants, liking the freezing weather



Top tip of the morning, make sure you recharge your camera batteries, otherwise you end up with a very short film…


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