Leeks all over the place

We sowed seed and nothing happened, so we sowed some more, not much happened.   We did this on and off and then suddenly they all appeared and now we have baby leek plants all over the place.   A row of them in the ground, a pot at the allotment, two pots at home.  We made a small start of transplanting them this evening, making little holes, popping them in and filling with water.   Four done, four thousand left.

The marigolds we had grown from seed at home had all come up and over the last months and were more than ready to be planted out.  A single row between the carrots and beetroot and the bare bed that will soon house leeks.

It had rained a bit in the morning but the ground was dry, so Tom gave everything a watering while I hoed the millions of weeds.

We picked a courgette, strawberries, and spotted some raspberries wanting to be eaten by myself before the birds got them.

The last lot of carrot seed has not come up yet, ants are still about, I wonder if we will see them.  I thinned out some of the seedlings on previous sowings.


Marigolds all ready to plant out


9 o’clock at night – allotment time


only four thousand more leeks to transplant over the coming weeks…


Courgette …with a strawberry background



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