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No real plan apart from taking up some of the bags of free manure and cardboard boxes.   I really want to sort out the raspberries, dig them up, weed, cover in cardboard and manure, re-plant… but even though some have started to die off with the cold nights there was also a large number of berries ready for picking.   Normally I just eat these at a bit of a snack but this time there were too many and so I bought them home.   I still don’t know if they are summer or autumn canes as they seem to have fruited at both times!

Raking up more leaves and pulling any weeds that are still braving the colder weather.   I viewed the sprouts with disappointment, covered in white fly.  There are sprouts big enough to pick now but they are covered in the sticky fly type things that float off like ash when you give the plant a shake.    The kale has this but nothing serious, as is the same with the swede and the cabbage.  For some reason the sprouts have got completely covered and I’m only leaving the plants growing with the hope that colder times might change things.

The wind was blowing from the south for a change, making it windy a bit cold.  I didn’t stay long.

I returned the next day, the weather was neither good or bad but it did end in a good winter sunset in the afternoon.  A while ago I invited Richard Suggett from the Veg Grower Podcast to see if he fancied coming over, it turns out we are not a thousand miles away from each other.   While I’ve been listening to his podcasts and watching his videos for a while, I had never met him in person and it was great that we seemed to hit it off straight away.  A couple of hours later and we had not only talked a lot about growing over a cup of tea, Richard had also done an interview with me to go on his podcast.   I fear it shall be 20 minutes or so of me talking way too fast, contradicting myself way too much, and talking way too much nonsense but even so, it was a enjoyable afternoon.   It was getting dark by the time with finished, thanks goes to Richard for popping over.


blue sky…but cold and windy


lots of raspberries + pulled a couple of wonky carrots as I passed…


deciding where to put garlic and broad beans…


white cabbage


kale looking crinkly and kale like


poorly sprouts


turnips , kale, beet leaf


Richard taking some pictures for the podcast


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