Re-potting Seedlings

The sprouts and the calabrese that have been in small pots on the window sill for the last month looked like they could do with repotting (it was only afterwards I read that you shouldn’t disturb the roots of these… I’m sure they will be fine…).   While I was at it, I sowed some more leeks, just in case.

The other day we got given some runner bean plants from a friend, they look like that had been through some fights with slugs and so were not looking their best.  One was just a stalk and no leaf left, while the others looked a bit sorry.    A good watering and time outside in the sun and they are starting to look a bit better.

Courgettes look like they are a bit too advance with flower pods starting to show, I will plant them out next weekend.


poorly runner beans, recovering
these will go out next week – hoping for no cold weather

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