We have new worms

Time to play with the worms again in our wormery which must be nearly 20 years old and has been empty for the last 6 or more years, this will be our third set of worms.    Last time, T&J were more than happy to play with the worms, now they are nearly 15 they were not so keen.  It seems like only yesterday…  our life with worms has been an long one, click here.



The worms came in the post with a coir block and some lime mix.   We put the block in some water for a while until it had grown and all the water sucked up.  Then just a matter of putting in the wormery and adding the worms.  They started wiggling down, we helped by spreading them out a bit, then covered with some newspaper and cardboard and put the lid back on.

In a previous life we were glad to have found a dustbin lid that would fit over the top of the worm bin lid and keep the water out.   Since then, we have lost the real lid and are left with only the dustbin lid.  You would think it would blow off but it never has done, so we will keep it as it is.  You can’t buy this particular worm bin anymore and so spare parts are not available.

The postman wasn’t too sure…



20 years and 3 houses later, it’s amazing we still have this – a bit battered these days




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