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Could this be our last mid week evening visit, there is not much daylight left in the evenings now, which is all a bit sad.   However, it had been a bright day and so the evening sky was clear with a tint of red from the sunset.     I was keen to see how the plantings from the weekend were going, if any were still alive!

A small bit of slug damage but we filled the gaps with splitting up clumps of turnip plants that were too small at the weekend.   All seedlings, beetroot, turnip, swede had grown, weeds on the plot had grown even more.    I did a small bit of hoeing.

Tom found some metal poles on the plot which he thought would straighten up the netting on the sprouts, he held the pole while I hammered it in with a brick.  Good thinking be him, it did the job perfectly.

The main job for the evening was digging a drench for the potatoes.   The idea this time (I saw someone on YouTube do it) is to have a small trench, put the seed potatoes in the ground at the bottom and when they start to appear cover over with the dug out soil.  When everything flattens out, you have to option to further bank up.

We inspected the kale and it looks like we may have won the battle with the caterpillars for now.  Not only did have no caterpillars not fallen off as I shake the plants (maybe they have learnt to hang on better?) but some of them now have quite established leafs, those with most of their leafs eaten are starting to get new ones.   I am thinking it will not be too soon until I have to work out just what and how to cook it.

I had a sudden shock that the small apple tree had lost all of its apples, I was thinking where could they have all gone, what animal had pinched them.   Looking on the ground and I found them, all rather on the small side but all looking quite presentable as apples and looking forward to eating them.

The visit was short, but we had done some of the jobs on the list.   We picked a courgette, a runner bean (that must be our 4th or 5th of the year!) and a load of broccoli (some had gone to seed since the weekend which was a pity).

Tonight I am eating pizza, with potato (from allotment), beans (from allotment), beetroot (from allotment), broccoli (from the allotment).

beet leaf looks ready, just need to work out how to cook it!


shorter evenings…


late sowed salad might be ready soon…



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