Christmas Potatoes

After all the prep, this morning I planted the potatoes that might just do something in time for Christmas, fingers crossed.   I will not be surprised if I am disappointed but worth a go either way, 10 plants in total.   Warm weather and rain meant weeds were appearing all over the place and so I went round with the hoe and also picking small weed seedlings out of the no dig part.

I had hopped to do some fruit bush pruning but could not find the secateurs and so did more pottering about until I thought it would be an idea to tidy up the compost area.  I had some of the free wood chip in a pile for a number of weeks and so I put down some plastic sheeting and covered in in a couple of inches of wood chip.   I sorted out a covering for the compost, something I had been meaning to do since we built the compost bins back in December.   I thought I would give the tool box a tidy, and I found a set of secateurs.

While I had a cup of coffee I looked in the book to see what gooseberries like, in June prune back five leafs it said.  I had been meaning to do that, being mid August it is probably all a bit late but I did it anyway.  I’ll prune a lot more in the winter.

A plot neighbour wanted me to see his pumpkins which did look good.  Everyone seems to be growing them apart from me, I don’t really like them, but maybe I should do it next year and make a load of pumpkin soup, I do like that.

I was going to tidy up the raspberries but instead I picked all the new fruit that was on them instead (second harvest).   In total I went home with:

  • raspberries
  • blackberries (neighbour said to help myself…)
  • beetroot
  • kale (we seem to have won the caterpillar war!)
  • beet leaf
  • salad leafs and rocket
  • broccoli

I had a bit of trouble getting it all on my bike for the ride home.


gooseberry bushes tidied up, turnip and radish plants going well


potatoes for Christmas, maybe.


potatoes done – will keep covering over and bank up over the next weeks


surprising amount to take home – didn’t think we would have any kale


first picking of beet leaf; red, while, yellow…


still eating lots of beetroot, lots more to go – we will need to brave the carrots soon
one day this will all be woodchip on the ground… made a small start, tidied up compost area


quite pleased with how everything is


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