Cabbage cabbage cabbage

I don’t like cabbage, but I’m determined to like it by the end of winter as we are growing quite a bit of green leafed things.   The kale has recovered and is looking good, I am hopeful that I will learn to love kale.   We planted some general cabbage (April) seed at the beginning of the week and because I’m not going to be getting to the plot for a couple of weeks maybe, I thought it wise to plant them out today and cover over.

Seven plants in total, planted in between the last of the broad beans and original planting of rocket.  Covered over with netting to stop the butterflies.   By the time they have grown a bit and need the space, the other plants will have long gone.

Good if it works, these were free seeds so nothing lost if it doesn’t.


grown in the garden at home, transplanted into the plot


broad beans aren’t giving much (likewise the rocket), although some do have more flowers, gaps filled in with cabbage plants.


protected from butterflies…

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