All of a sudden… courgettes

A quick visit this evening as it was Wednesday, we had a small list of things to do and we managed just one of them which was to cut down what is left of the broad bean plants as they really have finished doing anything useful.   With warm weather and rain it means plenty of young weeds popping up all over the place, 5 minutes hoeing sorted it all out.  A lot of picking out of weeds on the “no dig” part and digging out the odd bit of bindweed starting to show.  “You don’t need to do weeding” it says in all the no dig texts and you shouldn’t disturb things by hoeing.   So I picked them out by hand, maybe a bit of that will see them off.  However… I do like hoeing.

We were not going to pick anything as we have a busy weekend ahead of non-gardening things, but it seems since the weekend the courgettes have been busy.  Out of the two plants one of them has given us most of the courgettes up to now with just the odd one or two from the other plant.  This evening, out of no where, three courgettes on the second plant, all ready to pick.   We did that, and cut some lettuce and rocket which will be eaten tomorrow.

A check on the radishes and feel under the soil showed me there are baby radish starting to swell, which matches the expected four weeks from planting (sowed at the beginning of the month).     It looks like next weekend I will be pulling these up, my hope is it will be the first time radish have been so easy, and a success (I probably shouldn’t be saying this, just in case…).   The turnip and swede plants have doubled in size since the weekend, and the planted cabbage plants have all survived.

We weeded around the strawberries, pulled off some of the runners and checked on the runners we had planted.

sowed on this month, transplanted out, all looking healthy




Tom being quite excited by so many courgettes when only the other day there were none


we weren’t planning to pick anything tonight…

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