Tidying raspberries & first ever swede

A quick visit between it stopping raining and it getting dark, I thought I would start tidying up the raspberries.   For the first time in ages the bloke next to our plot was there, we had a quick chat.

The idea today was to cut down any canes which had just appeared and were out of line, while also cutting down anything old and dead.  The hope was to leave around 6-9 canes on each plant.   I got through two rows which means I need to finish off with the last one another time.    I plan this year to tie them to some supports and keep them thinned out a lot more than I did this year, plus cover them somehow to stop the birds eating them.

I had only been there an hour but it was getting dark and so I pulled some bits to take home:

  • carrots – both straight and wonky
  • turnips – a couple of small ones again, the monster ones I’m leaving for now
  • swede – our first ever swede, rather pleased with it and will plant more next year as they have been mostly trouble free
cabbage getting bigger each week

most broad beans now showing, this one decided against the bottle…

first ever swede grown!

late winter afternoon on the plot

tidying up the raspberries

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