One Year – celebrating with sprouts

The two exciting things for today was to see the sprouts, although small, are very much viable and look quite impressive on the plot.  This is after months of white fly and aphids which at times I have thought I may as well pull them up as they would surely not come to anything.   It is not the case, I picked plenty today and there are plenty remaining.

The other exciting thing was one year since we took on the plot from a load of over grown fruit bushes and a lot of grass to a space for growing things and for spending time away from work hassles.  I am sure there is a year retrospective coming up soon!

It has been raining almost non stop all week, yesterday was wet windy and cold.  This morning there was a tiny bit of sunshine first thing before cloud and drizzle took over.   I mostly swept up leaves and tidy bits up.

Things I took home:

  • leeks – all a bit on the small side but most worth pulling over the coming months
  • turnip – lots of giant ones but I found a small one in the middle which I thought I would pull before it too turned into a giant
  • kale – note to self, don’t grow so much kale next time
  • sprouts – I could had picked loads but took just a handful for this week, small but no problem with that
  • carrots – they look like they could do with pulling up now, not too many left.
  • beetroot – I thought I had pulled them all, but I found another second sowing one, quite a reasonable size.


I am looking forward to pulling a swede, maybe next week, they all look like a swede should do and having never grown them before I am wishing I did more swedes and a lot less turnips.    Salsify will stay in the ground for now, the conclusion is they are a pain to prep for cooking and the taste is not the best – maybe the remaining plants will not be used.


4 white cabbages, this one is really growing well. Not so for the other 3


winter broad beans planted a couple of weeks ago, some of them are starting to show


swede (with a turnip background) – actually looks like a swede!


sprouts turned out not too bad after all


still lots going on, albeit a lot slower


some bits for tea


one year on…


this time last year…


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