Muddy veg

Rain and drizzle, darkness and damp – so nothing much planned other than collecting bits for tea.   We were the only people on the site this afternoon.  A job for another day will be to rake up the millions of leaves which cover the plot, even though previous weeks we have cleared them and bagged them up.

We didn’t hang around, we managed to bring home:

  • beetroot, red and white (last lot pulled up from second sowing)
  • carrots
  • turnips
  • salsify
  • kale
  • sprouts


Pleased to have picked sprouts, we will see how viable they are for cooking tomorrow.   Pleased too with kale, this evening making crispy “seaweed” like you get from the chinese takeaway.


giant turnip pulling while getting wet and cold


after some cold weather, the sprouts suddenly look a lot better, even through they are a bit small


covered in leaves, again…





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