Not much on the plot but lots of seed sowing at home, including:

  • turnips
  • calabrese
  • peas
  • cabbage

Also keeping an eye on what is currently in the mini green house and some under cover round the side of the house (as a comparison):

  • radish (to plant out next week maybe)
  • broad beans (will be planted out next week)
  • beetroot (yet to show after last week)
  • chilies (some indoors and looking like they could do with larger pots, some undercover which are still tiny)
  • lettuce (a couple of weeks before planting outside)

It has been interesting to see what the difference might be between the mini greenhouse and the undercover bit down the side of the house. The £2.50 plastic mini greenhouse is going to be in the shade for a least two or three more weeks until the sun gets higher. The undercover bit down the side of the house is getting the sun all morning but while it is undercover with a clear roof, it is completely open on the sides. There is little difference between seeds in either apart from soil in the enclosed small greenhouse being damp and those a bit more open to the elements down the side of the house needing watering. I think…. the extra sun (but not heat) down the side of the house is just about making a small difference. This could all change over the coming weeks… exciting stuff…


  1. 287g of leeks = 72p
  2. 473g of rhubarb = £1.18


  1. Cabbage seeds mostly @ £4.41

This brings the running total for this year to -£2.51 (I’ve only started this week)

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