Potatoes, onions and sowing seed

An early morning planting onions and potatoes, mixed with a bit of weeding. I put in millions of onions it seemed, some red but mostly white to join the current over wintering ones already there. Also two rows of Charlotte potatoes, digging a small hole and putting then in one by one. I’ll either mulch over the top of these or bank the soil up depending on my mood. For now, I covered them in fleece just to keep any cold wind off of them until they get a bit bigger.

I took home rhubarb, leeks, and some rainbow chard which has survived the winter and is grow back again. So are the weeds, I removed many small ones but also the odd bit of bindweed of which I’m sure new bits were popping up each time I turned my back.

I checked the seeds I sowed the other week, the trial between undercover around the side of the house and undercover in the small plastic greenhouse continues.

  • Chilies – the first potted up plants from small seedlings by an open window but indoors, are small but seem strong. Those by a closed window indoors are tall with big leaves but seem less so strong. Those outside undercover in the small plastic greenhouse haven’t got much bigger but don’t look worried
  • Broad beans – both the plastic greenhouse and down the side of the house are similar. About half have started to show
  • Leeks – no show yet for either outside undercover, while those by an open window indoors all showing. It’s been three weeks, hopefully I will see something outside over the next two weeks.
  • Radish – both the plastic greenhouse and down the side of the house are similar. Sowed last week and all showing – maybe time to plant out next week?

No real difference between the two so far which is reassuring. The small plastic greenhouse will come to great use later on in the year, we have 16 chili plants growing after all.

More seeds went in today with a set of beetroot, doubled up once again between the two outside but undercover options. The experiment is interesting maybe but it will mean double of everything for a while! I also sowed celeriac which I’ve never grown before. Tiny seeds, so I germinating in a seed tray indoors first.

Lettuce sowed indoors in seed trays the other week, I picked out best six and potted them up, they are undercover in the small plastic greenhouse.

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