Just Pottering

There was no need to go to the plot, apart from to pull up some leeks as we still have plenty and so we should be eating them. I found other bits to do while I was there; weeding, tidying…

  • tied up the overwinter broad beans
  • uncovered the overwinter onions, all have established and so at less risk of birds picking them out
  • uncovered the garlic, these too have all established well and so less need to protect from the birds

I did general bits of weeding, removing some of the larger looking weeds and hoeing the others. I covered a bit around the blackcurrant bushes with plastic as even though I had already covered it with cardboard and manure, there seemed to be a fair amount of couch grass coming up. I’ll leave the plastic there for the year which should sort the worst of it.

The size of the rhubarb since last visit two weeks ago was much bigger, I pondered about picking some of it but thought I would leave it to next week instead.

The cheap plastic greenhouse in the garden has survived its first week. Neither the greenhouse or the “undercover bit around the side of the house” trays have signs or either leeks or broad beans – although actually I can see the start of some broad beans pushing the soil up and so I’m sure this time next week it will be different. The sowed indoor lettuce has germinated and I’ll put in pots next week. No indoor leeks yet. I’ve multi-sowed some radish which I’ll put undercover outside.

re-potted chili plants

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