Late Night Poo

It is noticeable that evenings are getting darker earlier, but the warm weather means it’s not a problem. We went over to the “field with the horse” to collect some composted manure, six bags of it. We met the owner, the “poo lady” and her dogs. I noticed the big fat sheep but I didn’t see any horses. Either way, the “mountain of poo” will take quite a while to get through.

After this we sped back to the plot and while Tom did the watering and picking of things to bring home, I spread what we had collected over one of the beds. I’m putting it on quite thick and so six bags did about a quarter of the large bed. Over the weekend I’ll lightly dig it in just to incorporate it with the rest of the soil. All a bit “no nodig” but I think I prefer that.

By the time we left, it was actually rather dark. We came home with courgettes, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

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