Weekly Harvest 4th Aug 20

4th August 2020

I had another go at blackberry picking and returned with loads once again. that’s probably it for now. It seems strange that it is August, summer is mostly gone, picking autumn fruits such as blackberries, and yet I’m still slightly stuck at March.

Some new things for this week:

  • tomatoes both at home and on the plot
  • chard – been growing with no fuss at home

Some which are still hanging on:

  • radish, the last lot of early summer sowing which struggled in the heat and so wasn’t expecting too much
  • raspberries, small pickings each visit still
  • french beans, mostly all over but I did spot some new beans in places this morning.

Some things that we continue to be right in the middle of:

  • courgettes, not overloaded but enough that each visit there is plenty to take home. The courgette plant at home hasn’t had anything for a little while
  • cucumbers, still a slow start but hopeful things will catch up. Always one ready at the plot, there will soon be some at home too.
  • tomatoes, we are about to start picking loads
  • runner beans doing so much better in the garden than they did last year at the plot. Plenty of flowers
  • chilies, indoors. Flowers and small green chilies on plants outside

Some things we have cheated on :

  • cooking apples, spotted at the side of the road nearby with “please take some”, so we did

The warm evenings have been used to sort out some of the things that have been drying for a number of weeks. Cleaning up the onions and checking them before storing. Some of the massive overwintered ones will need to be either used or chopped up and frozen quite soon. We’ll do the same with the garlic that has been hanging undercover since pulling months ago.

2020 B/F £158.29

Blackberry – 577g£5.77
Courgette – 364g£0.78
Ridge Cucumber – 2£2.78
Tomato – 140g£1.24
Runner Beans – 355g£2.14
French Beans – 196g£1.31
Beetroot – 333g£1.11
Radish – 28g£0.22
Raspberry – 60g£0.80
Cooking Apple – 447g£0.83
Chilies – 20g£0.34
Chard – 62g£0.47
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £176.08

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