Watering and tidying

Mostly this week we have been watering, either the garden with the water butt, or visits to the plot with millions of watering cans. Working from home means quick trips up to the plot are easier to do. As well as watering, we have been generally tidying things up, making the more permanent wood chip path. This has been mostly Tom and myself. Each visit we have mostly come home with:

  • courgettes
  • raspberries
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers

At home the spare cucumber plants are starting to spread, beans are being picked, and tomatoes are getting larger. We are eating a lot of beetroot.

The parsnips at home which had suffered from being under netting and rather crowded, are recovering well with new green leafs appearing. Parsnips seem quite good at this even when it seems all is lost. The parsnips on the plot haven’t suffered, ones that germinated which was not many. We weeded and tidied these up.

In the sun and heat, we have been drying onions and in the warm evenings we have sat outside tidying them up and storing them for use. Some of the over wintered ones are massive and need using quite soon, the plan is to chop these ones up and freeze them so they don’t go to waste. We have millions of onions and it’s been a lot of work to prep them for storing for what could be the next 12 months. We still have the shallots to do…

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