One last lot of carrots

The carrots in the garden started off well, but they have been crowded and got quite wet and damp by the looks of them. They have suffered and I don’t think they will grow that much more, a bit disappointing – carrots can sometimes be tricky things. A good job I sowed some at the allotment the other month which are looking much better. Tonight I sowed one last lot both in the garden (where the peas used to be) and on the plot. On the plot I have them covered, at home I have left them.

Also at the plot, planting out spring cabbage plants and some more of the fennel plants. I also raked over the bed that we covered in composted manure last week. A bit of work with the hoe and rake, while Tom went off to collect woodchip, it is now ready for putting out swede plants maybe next week. I sowed turnips in pots at home, I might well sow some direct in the garden too – you can never have too many turnips (we might have to use them as currency with the way things are going…)

The woodchip has been used to start widening the path, suddenly the plot can be a bit more spaced out now we have the garden.

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