Weekly Harvest 21st July 20

21st July 2020

More onions, more potatoes, this time from the garden. The onions were left over from the allotment and planted very late. If we had not dug up the garden then they would have never been planted, so to have usable, if small, onions is no bad thing. Likewise, the potatoes were left over and would have left stayed in the dark under the stairs until we found them years later. Instead, straight after digging the garden we put them out, and they did very good. Even after these, we found some more potatoes and put those in the ground about a month later, these won’t be dug up for three or four weeks.

We harvested most of the french beans, some suffering from black fly but nothing too bad. This is probably the main harvest, we will probably do some smaller pickings as the left over ones grow a bit bigger. This has been a mixture of purple, yellow, and green beans. They are mostly now in the freezer.

At the allotment we are in full courgette mode, each time picking them and then suddenly new ones pop up. I spied a ready courgette in the garden too. Likewise, the cucumbers are small but appearing all over the place.

Small pickings of raspberries and very tiny pickings of strawberries. The fruit has now gone, apart from the the apples hopefully we will get.

2020 B/F £127.05

Radish – 40g£0.32
French Beans – 470g£3.13
Lettuce – 15g£0.04
Beetroot – 232g£0.77
Raspberry – 40g£0.53
Onions – 720g£0.66
Potatoes – 2.04kg£4.08
Courgette – 430g£0.92
Ridge Cucumber – 3£4.17
Strawberry – 30g£0.15
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £142.54

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